Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We're lame, but this boy is cute!

This is just a picture I took of Carter Smiff while in the car. We had just been up to some of our favorite boutiques and we found this hat. We know we could probably make one ourselves, but this one was SO cute and he LOVED it. Could you say no to that face?

In other news, we are totally lame bloggers, or more I am a lame blogger because my Mom can't even remember our blogger password half the time! But I kinda have an excuse, we don't really own a camera. Ya, and then I would take them with my phone, and they wouldn't load onto blogger!! So I downloaded this program in the hope that it will do better (cross your fingers)!

More blogging to come ladies! Tell your friends about us, well maybe not now because the blog isn't so hott....YET!! Keep watching, I should have a new post by the end of today that will be posted tomorrow! C:

Have a fabulous day!! C:
Whitney JO

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures, Tutes, and Esty's.

OK, we had an UH-MAZING photographer Miss Ashley Ann Jenkins. She is just starting out but we know that she will and has done FABULOUS pictures. So, stay tuned for those little lovelies...we should be getting them back any day now!! Super excited!!! Also, I believe we will be starting tutorials. We will start our with embellishing tank tops. You know having something simple and making it look fabulous by yourself! For less money;I LOVE it!! And, as soon as we get the pictures from Ashley we might just have us an Etsy!!
So, ya pretty exciting stuff!! Keep watching our blog for more exciting tips, tricks, and other wonderful things!!!! Have a phenomenal day!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Welcome! You have made it to the blog of Whitney and Trudy Johnson. We are crafters and creators. We love all Moda, Riley Blake, Henry Glass, Michael Miller, and of course the always lovely Amy Butler. This blog was created to show what we do in our spare time. We love and want your comments! This should be very interesting as we take you through everyday journeys and weekly (Yes, we've cut down) stops to our local fabric shops. Weekends are spent in old antique stores and farmers markets.
A little bit about us. Mom has many fabulous talents, but doesn't want to admit them. They include sewing, cooking, baking, improvising, multi-tasking, and drinking cans of Diet (try to keep healthy people) Mountain Dew in about 7.5 minutes. Not to mention a cosmetologist. I am the daughter, Whitney. I will probably be doing most of the blogging; Mom just figured out how to put punctuation marks in text messages. Don't get me started on texting 101 for Moms; baby steps now! People are surprised to know that I am only 13, most think that I am 16-17.OK, I'm not even into 8th grade! All of my siblings are grown up, married and have lives. While I'm stuck at home with jars of buttons, bins of fabric, and endless ideas. I love fashion and shopping, if there was an Olympic event for shopping I would take the gold. My idols are Catherine Smith (my sister), Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake, Amy Butler, Bonnie Olaveson & Camille Roskelly, and Jess Goldman just to name a few. It is amazing to see what these girls come up with. I know almost every line of fabric and can name the designer, name of collection, and company (i.e.-Moda). My besties (and yes I personally know these ones) are of course the Mom, Catherine, and Miss Madi. Catherine is my sister, idol, and the one that inspires me. She has two little boys that are like my little brothers. Their little family is just fabulous and we love them to bits! Madi is my brothers wife,poor girl (just kidding Dave, I LOVE you!). She is the sweetest girl and probably the best thing that has happened to our family. We love them and already have the patterns and fabric picked out for when they're pregnant (HOPEFULLY SOON!!). I hope you join us through our little adventures to the craft store and beyond. Like I said, just a mother and daughter creating (and LOVIN' it) in the little white rock house.